Actfa Social Dance Class Packages

Tertiary Discount ($11-4 classes) Actfa Dance School

Tertiary Student Discount:
80% off Dance Classes

(4 weeks x 1 hr Basic Classes)
For Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet
Singapore Tertiary Student Discount for 4wks x 1hr basic dance class of Salsa / Hip Hop / Ballet:
a) Pay $11 (80% off UP$55)
b) Pay $55 (with 1 dance shoe voucher worth $55 - $120)

Each student is entitled to discount for 1 basic class per dance type.

Actfa School Exclusive Classes - 50% off

50% Discount:
$140 for 8 Exclusive Classes (UP$280)

(8 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
For Pole Dance, Singing, Argentine Tango, Lap Dance, Stilettos Dance,
West Coast Swing, On2 Salsa, Zouk, Pachanga



Actfa Student Discount - 20% off

Student Discount:
20% off Dance Classes
$125 for 13 classes (UP $158)

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
For Kids Ballet, Kids / Teens HipHop, Kids Salsa, Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa
Singapore students must show their valid student passes upon registration to enjoy the discount.


Actfa Offer Classes

$158 for 13 Offer Classes

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Yoga, Lumbia, Casino Rueda, Latin Rumba, Latin Cha Cha, Latin Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, Slow Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep


Actfa Standard Classes

$225 for 13 Standard Classes

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Salcaa (Body Isolation), Korean Pop, Bachata, Merengue, Street Cha Cha, Cuban Salsa, Afro Cuban RumbaExotic Dance, Kizomba, Night Club 2 Step, Modern Jive, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Reggaeton, Broadway, Tap, Pop & Lock, Bboy, Parkour, Pilates, Belly Dance, Salsa Shine, Salsa Styling, Cabaret, Brazilian Samba, Bodyworks, Acting, Modeling


Full-Time & Part-Time Professional Courses

Absna Professional Dance Course

Students considering an overseas dance degree can choose to take the Full-Time IHDC in Dance as an alternative career path. The IHDC Dance course conducted by Absna is a 1.5 to 3-Year Full-Time or Part-Time Practical Dance Performer & Instructor Professional Program.

Actfa Singapore Student Class Progression Chart #ActfaSchoolActfa Singapore Student Course Progression Chart #ActfaSchool

Teaching Opportunities

Once you graduate from SFDF or Diploma in Dance you will be able to teach the Basic and Intermediate Level Dance Classes.

Trainee teachers positions are open from time to time for Maldives, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, London, Los Angeles and other countries for IHDC holders or IHDC trainees, please contact us for details.

Overseas Opportunities

In the 3 years course, IHDC students will not only have the option to travel to at least 3 different regional countries for dance classes, they will also have an option to take classes in other famous dance schools in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles and learn from some of the instructors behind famous dancers, singers and artistes worldwide. Many top performing IHDC undergraduates from Absna also have the opportunity to teach alongside famous instructors during some of these overseas trips.

Actfa Student Overseas Opportunities for Dance, Teaching, Performing & Competiting outside Singapore

IHDC students are very sought after by overseas organizations as dance instructors, performers and artists. They have been invited to teach and as an artists for dance festival and assignment worldwide including London, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Maldives, USA, Guangzhou, Bejing, Shanghai, Thailand, Malaysia, Burnei, Taiwan, Australia, Cuba, Argentina, Mysore, Bangalore, Hong Kong and more.

Media Opportunities

Many IHDC top undergraduates have constantly received assignments with TV network like Media Corp. 

Media opportunities with Actfa Dance School

IHDC students have also been featured and inteviewed by the TV and various media around the world including Maldives, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia among others.

Actfa Dance Students and Instructors featured by News and Media around the world and Singapore

Latest Events & Parties

Wanna dance all night till you can't feel your legs?  Here is where we master the art of social dancing; here is where we make lifelong dance friends to party & travel with; here is where there is always room for a dance.  From newbies to experienced, young to mature, happy to depressed, we welcome you all to join us today!  Click here to enlarge posters.

Singapore Salsa Festival 2014Aceki's Singapore Salsa Festival

Aceki's Singapore Salsa Festival is coming up on Dec 2014 this year.  Enjoy the full pass at only US$95 now (Singaporeans pay SGD$95 only!  Prices increase monthly).  
Look out for a great weekend of dancing & partying… Salsa, Bachata, Zouk styles and more.  With performances, workshops and parties, don't miss it!
Looking for those who would like to perform at the SSF 2014.  We are recruiting dancers, production, lighting & music & DJs to join our dance production for this event.  Interested parties, pls contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cebu Salsa FestivalCebu Salsa Festival

Keep your September free for a crazy fun time in Cebu, Philippines from the 5th to 8th!  There will be workshops, parties & performances and more at this beautiful sea side town.  With great food, cheap massages and lots of places to tour, this is a great place for a holiday that few know about. 
Look out for the Salsa competition during this period, 1st Salsa competition in Cebu!  
Extend your trip with us to tour the area, going out on a boat ride island hopping on Monday, waterfalls, scuba diving or snorkelling, swimming with Oslob's famous whale sharks in the open sea and more!

 Lumbia Night for Beginners $1Parties at Actfa!

"Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, & dance." - Oprah Winfrey.  Come down for our weekly parties at Actfa School of Dance!  Entrance fee: $5.
Monday: Salsa Party fr 9.30pm (Guest DJ once a month)
Tuesday: Tango Milonga fr 9.30pm
Thursday: Salsa Party fr 9.30pm
Friday: Lumbia Night (Beginner's Salsa Romantica party) fr 9.30pm ($1 entrance fee)
Sunday: SOS (Salsa on Sundays) & 1 hr Salsa trial class fr 7.15pm

Bachata Night Dance PartyBachata Night @ Actfa

Calling all Bachateras and Bachateros, ACTFA is organising a monthly Bachata night on every 3rd Friday of the month!  That's right, this means all you Bachata Fanatics get to dance 70% of the night to Bachata and the other 30% to Salsa!  Get ready to do some serious movin' & groovin' to those romantic & sexy Dominican rhythms.  It's time to show all your favourite moves or put those new moves you've got to the test!  What are you waiting for? Spread the word, save the date and see you on the dance floor!
Let's get sexxxaaaayyyy!!!

What's Happening?

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