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Dance classes are a great way for kids to learn discipline, rhythm, coordination, engage in physical activity, sweat it out and release some pent-up energy.  Our dance teachers are dedicated in sharing their passion for dance in their classes and have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Singapore and overseas. 

Choose between Ballet, HipHop & Salsa dance classes and take weekly classes at only $375 for 1 year.

Class Schedule:
Salsa Dance Class    : 7-12 yrs old Sat 2.15pm
Ballet Dance Class    : 4-10 yrs old Sun 2.15pm
HipHop Dance Class : 4-8 yrs old Sat 1.15pm
HipHop Dance Class : 7-15 yrs old Fri 7.15pm &
                                    Wed(@ Bt Merah Ctl) 7.15pm
Toddler Dance Class : 2-5 yrs old Fri 6.15pm

3 month package: kids dance classes at $125 for 13 Classes

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Kids Ballet

Dance Classes Singapore - Kids BalletKids Ballet is a foundation class that is great to train kids to get the poise, grace and lines of a dancer.  One of the most popular dance classes for kids in Singapore, Ballet is an important class to train the techniques of potential dancers in Actfa Dance School Singapore.  From the basics of Ballet, students will learn to apply these techniques to other dances, giving them the ‘feel’ and grace of a professional dancer.

Ballet goes way back to the early seventeenth century where dancers performed as a form of entertainment to a crowd during intermissions of operas. Soon ballet grew popular and had more impact on the crowd. Gradually, the ballet structure was formed defined by a style of its own.

In 1661, King Louis XIV of France founded the Académie Royale de Musique et de Danse, establishing Paris as the center of academic ballet. Over time, Russia became the international center of ballet, combining the strength and passion of Italian style with the softness and fluidity of the French school.

Today ballet is one of the top three most popular dances that people will pick up. It has a rigid syllabus for dancers to follow and get their way to the top. Ballet is divided into the grades as well as the majors. The grades are just for leisure dancers while the majors are for the more serious dancers who aspire to be instructors or professional dancers.

In ballet, there are two segments namely the barre work and the center work. The barre work is always done first as a warm up. Students will do plies and all the leg exercise to stretch and strength the leg muscles. After that shall they proceed on to the center to do short dance exercises. In the more advanced level, the duration of these pieces get longer as more techniques are being added to one piece of music.

Furthermore, when girls proceed on to the majors, they will be dancing on pointe. Special pointe shoes are worn so the girls can dance on their toes. For guys, they still remain in their soft shoes but they have to do more technical stuff compared to girls (e.g. jump higher, spin greater number of rounds).

Apart from ballet itself, another aspect that this genre expects of the dancers is to do character dance where they adapt the traditional dance from various countries like Hungary, Russia.

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Kids Hip Hop

Dance Classes Singapore - Kids Hip HopHip Hop dance classes Singapore - a great way for your child to learn coordination, movement skills, teamwork and explore how to move their bodies to music!  Join Actfa Dance School Singapore in our Kids Hip Hop classes once a week for some physical exercise and introduce your child to a world of music and dance.

Hip Hop originated in the New York City ghettos especially the Bronx in the 1970s. African-Americans are seen dancing on the streets to vent their anger and frustration. There were mixed influences from African-American, Jamaican and Latino. Block parties often had the DJs playing popular genre of music especially funk and soul.

In hip hop, it is divided into old school and new school hip hop. Old school hip hop includes styles like break dancing where they are known for moves like the windmills, head spins and moonwalk. On the other hand, new school hip hop comprise styles like krump and whacking.

Hip hop is an individual dance that is rather versatile. People usually fuse hip hop with other genres like jazz and salsa into choreographies. The mainstream music caters to most of the hip hop dancers with songs from popular artists like Beyonce, Pitbull and Ying Yang Twins.

The attire of most hip hop dancers is casual street wear. They wear baggy shirts and pants in outstanding colours with caps. Just like in the past, where this dance can be danced on the streets, the outfit preserves the essense of the hip hop culture.

Hip hop is a gobal and widespread where each country her own style. In Korea, girl and boy bands are known to dance MTV hip hop while in The Philippines, most of the people dance to krump. In Singapore, the hip hop scene is growing at a rather significant rate and one obvious sign is the hip hop team ‘Joyce and the Boys’ who clinched third place in the World Hip Hop Competition in year 2009.

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Kids Salsa

Dance Classes Singapore - Kids SalsaJoin us at Actfa Dance School Singapore to learn Kids Salsa.  The dance classes Singapore mummies and daddies know is usually limited to Ballet, Hip Hop and Latin dance.  Salsa gives children the opportunity to build their character and nurture their love for latin music and latin dance.  It's fun, flirty and energetic and the music calls your feet to move!

Salsa: mention the word in any part of the world and people will know what you’re talking about. Its fun, enthusiastic and entertaining, and its hot spicy rhythm forces hips to sway to the beat. It is one of the most dynamic musical styles of the Western World and is gaining popularity rapidly in Asia.

Salsa is a dance style associated with the salsa style of music now popular worldwide.  It's all about rhythm. For Cubans especially, music and dance has always had a very special place in society. Salsa music which is the "essential pulse of Latin music" is primarily played in Latin Dance Clubs. While not the easiest dance form, because of its fast tempo, it is not particularly difficult, and dancers of all skill levels should be able to gain proficiency within a matter of months. Salsa is usually danced with a partner and can be flirtatious in a fun way and sensuous in another. However, dancers may integrate solo breaks known as shines into their routines. Shines involve lots of flamboyant movements and demonstrations of the body, and are intended as a way for a dancer to show off their full talent. While shines are in theory improvisational, there are many standard shines which dancers learn and can fall back on.

There are 3 different types of Salsa: the LA style Salsa On 1; New York style Salsa On 2 otherwise known as Mambo; and finally the Cuban style Salsa. All 3 types of Salsa have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The LA and New York style Salsa are usually danced in a linear motion. Cuban Salsa on the other hand tends to go in a circular motion at all angles.

LA Style Salsa On 1
L.A. style is danced on 1 which literally means to dance on the first beat of the phrase, therefore gaining the name as "On 1". It is highly influenced by Hollywood showing many similarities with the lindy-hop, the swing and the hustle. In Salsa On 1, turns have become an important feature and also emphasizes theatricality and acrobatics.

New York Style Salsa On 2
Unlike LA style, New York style is danced on 2 which literally means to dance on the second beat of the phrase, hence taking on the name - "On 2". Many also refer to this style as "Mambo". On 2 timing emphasises the conga drum's tumbao pattern, and encourages the dancer to listen to percussive elements of the music.

Cuban Style Salsa
Cuban-style salsa can be danced either on the down beat ("a tiempo") or the upbeat ("a contratiempo"). Beats 1,3,5 and 7 are downbeats and 2,4,6 and 8 are upbeats. The Cuban Salsa is more commonly danced in groups of couples, with frequent exchanges of partner in which the style is that in many patterns, the leader and follower circle around each other and the patterns are synchronised by a caller. This form is also known as Rueda de Casino.

Salsa means sauce in the Spanish Language, and carries connotations of the spiciness common in Latin and Caribbean cuisine. Salsa also suggests a "mixture" of ingredients, though this meaning is not found in most stories of the term's origin.

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Kids Salcaa

Salcaa is a dancer's conditioning class, which focuses on training body movements, spins and stretching for dancers. It is one of the most important foundation classes for all who are interested in dance.  For beginners who feel stiff and awkward while dancing, Salcaa is great as it isolates each body movement and slowly trains each body part, allowing the student to gain control and agility on their movements.  For the advanced dancer, Salcaa keeps you on your toes and in tune with your body as you can constantly push and stretch your body to it's maximum capacity in every class.  This ensures that you keep your body in tip top form and ensures that you don't loose your body control and agility.

Body Movement
Starting from the head to the toes to the whole body, the body movement section of the class tones the body while training the students to control and isolate their bodies so that they move fluidly.  Comprising of series of sharp accented moves to big undulations, students will learn and practice moving their shoulders, chest, hips, etc separately from other parts of their bodies and can eventually apply these body accents to the dance of their choice.

The spins section of the class allows students to practice their posture, spotting and balance while spinning.  These techniques practiced systematically every week allows students to become more comfortable with their balance and spotting while spinning and trains them to increase their speed.

Flexibility in the leg and body is essential for a dancer and as we mature, we tend to loose our flexibility because we don't stretch.  The stretching segment works to maintain a dancer's basic flexibility for easy movement while dancing.

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Starlinn Actfa DanceSTARLINN CHOO YANQING joined the SFDF program in 2004 while studying in NUS, training 12 hours a day; she completed her SFDF, Diploma & IHDC courses in 3 years, using her teaching income to finance her classes in Diploma & IHDC. In 2008 she pursued her IMDC Dance Business & is now doing her 3 years IPHDC Dance Product Research. While pursuing her IHDC she was already traveling around the world for assignments. more

Bianca Actfa DanceBIANCA enrolled in the SFDF course after A-levels. Within 6 months she was dancing as a backup dancer for MTV. She has also traveled to many countries like Germany, UK, Taiwan & Hong Kong to teach & perform, & was offered a position to dance in a few Musical plays. 

 Libin Actfa DanceLB, a masters degree holder working for a MNC, decided to do a career switch after he completed his SFDF. He then worked as an International Sales Manager in dance products, an international artist & dance instructor. He is the Singapore Bachata Champion 2008 and the 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship behind Serge and Polina from Russia in 2010. more

manfred Actfa DanceMANGGOH was one of the elite few selected for the Mediacorp Dance Academy in 2000. He graduated from NTU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and used to work as a Project Manager in the IT Industry. He passed his examination & evaluation for SFDF and is currently doing his Diploma & IHDC. more

maricel Actfa DanceMARICEL, a professional dancer from the Philippines, joined SFDF in 2009. In less than a year, she has performed at the Esplanade Da:ns Festival 2009, Salsa Cruise Asia 2009, & has also been to China to teach & perform. In 2010 she was offered a full time dance instructor job in Singapore. She has since gone on to set up a dance studio in the Philippines and comes back periodically to upgrade her skills.

rachel Actfa DanceRACHEL an undergraduate in NTU joined the SFDF in 2010 and was offered to open a dance studio in China.  She has taught and performed in Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen, Hong Kong, Singapore.

 derrick actfa danceDERRICK has over 20 years of dance instructor experience with more than 30 types of dance. He was granted an exemption from SFDF after taking an examination & evaluation and signed up for the diploma & IHDC simultaneously.

tamil actfa danceTAMIL, a professional dancer & teacher actively involved in competitions & performances for Hip Hop, Bollywood, Indian Dance. He was teaching dance in secondary school and choreographing for SYF. He joined the IHDC program to further his training as a dancer & teacher in 2009.  Since joining the IHDC, he has taught, performed & competed in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan.

brenda actfa danceBRENDA joined the SFDF when she was 13 years old and was hired to teach and perform both locally and overseas after 6 months. She was also financing her own dance study while teaching private dance classes.  Under the SFDF, she was the 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship 2010 and Singapore Bachata Champion 2009.  She was given opportunities to teach in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China.

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