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*Call 6225 0150 today or contact Actfa. You can start right now; classes are structured Valium online in such a way that students may start anytime.  See Timetable for class schedules.  Click here for professional dance courses.  Click here for private 1-1 classes.

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Actfa Tertiary Discount ($50 for 3 months)




Tertiary Student Discount: 75% off Dance Classes

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Intermediate Classes)
Choose 1 Dance: Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet
Special Tertiary Student Discount for full-time students age 17 - 23 years old.
Choose 1 dance type for 13wks x 1hr dance class of Salsa / Hip Hop / Ballet and pay only $50 (75% off UP$204).

Each student is entitled to discount for 1 class per dance type.



 Actfa Student Discount (20% off)



Student Discount: 20% off Dance Classes
$125 for 13 classes (UP $158)

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Choose 1 Dance: Kids Ballet, Kids / Teens HipHop, Kids Salsa, Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa
Students must show their valid student passes upon registration to enjoy the discount.



Actfa Exclusive Classes (50% off)



50% Discount: $140 for 8 Exclusive Classes (UP$280)

(8 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Choose 1 Dance: Pole Dance, Singing, Argentine Tango, Lap Dance, Stilettos Dance,
West Coast SwingWest Coast Swing, On2 SalsaOn2 Salsa, Zouk, Pachanga




Actfa Offer Classes




$158 for 13 Offer Classes

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Choose 1 Dance: Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Yoga, Lumbia, Casino Rueda, Latin Rumba, Latin Cha Cha, Latin Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, Slow Waltz, Ballroom Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep




Actfa Standard Classes




$225 for 13 Standard Classes

(13 weeks x 1 hr Basic or Inter Classes)
Choose 1 Dance: Salcaa (Body Isolation), Korean Pop, Bachata, Merengue, Street Cha Cha, Cuban Salsa, Afro Cuban RumbaExotic Dance, Kizomba, Night Club 2 Step, Modern Jive, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Reggaeton, Broadway, Tap, Pop & Lock, Bboy, Parkour, Pilates, Belly Dance, Salsa Shine, Salsa Styling, Cabaret, Brazilian Samba, Bodyworks, Acting, Modeling



 Actfa Corporate Dance Classes Singapore





Up to 50% off
Corporate Dance & Fitness Classes

Learn Yoga, Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Kpop, Jazz, Bellydance, Ladies Stilettos, Pilates with our corporate package.
Free Membership ($0) :  20% discount off Dance Classes
+ 5 Genvani Vouchers
Silver Membership ($200) :  35% discount off Dance Classes
+ 50 Genvani Vouchers
Gold Membership ($2000) :  50% discount off Dance Classes
+ 50 Genvani Vouchers + $4000 cash vouchers

* Membership duration 2 years.  Discount applicable to dance class packages with 8 or more classes.
Call 6225 0150 for more details.




Dance Flexi Classes

40 classes for 1 year validity (Advanced booking required)
$500 for 40 Offer Classes
$700 for 40 Standard, Exclusive & Offer Classes

Flexi classes are suitable for those who have an erratic work schedule or would simply like a more flexible package allowing them to take different types of dance lessons under the same package.  Advanced booking is required; pls call Actfa Dance School at 62250150 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for confirmation of classes.


Financial Assistance Program

Actfa has various financial assistance programs that will make sure that no one who is willing to work hard and have good integrity is left behind. If you are keen in dancing and your family is not able to afford the fees, come talk to our counselors & teachers. see more


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Choose Your Package
Choose 1 Dance (NA for flexi)
Name, HP, Email, NRIC, Gender

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Starlinn Actfa DanceSTARLINN CHOO YANQING joined the SFDF program in 2004 while studying in NUS, training 12 hours a day; she completed her SFDF, Diploma & IHDC courses in 3 years, using her teaching income to finance her classes in Diploma & IHDC. In 2008 she pursued her IMDC Dance Business & is now doing her 3 years IPHDC Dance Product Research. While pursuing her IHDC she was already traveling around the world for assignments. more

Bianca Actfa DanceBIANCA enrolled in the SFDF course after A-levels. Within 6 months she was dancing as a backup dancer for MTV. She has also traveled to many countries like Germany, UK, Taiwan & Hong Kong to teach & perform, & was offered a position to dance in a few Musical plays. 

 Libin Actfa DanceLB, a masters degree holder working for a MNC, decided to do a career switch after he completed his SFDF. He then worked as an International Sales Manager in dance products, an international artist & dance instructor. He is the Singapore Bachata Champion 2008 and the 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship behind Serge and Polina from Russia in 2010. more

manfred Actfa DanceMANGGOH was one of the elite few selected for the Mediacorp Dance Academy in 2000. He graduated from NTU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and used to work as a Project Manager in the IT Industry. He passed his examination & evaluation for SFDF and is currently doing his Diploma & IHDC. more

maricel Actfa DanceMARICEL, a professional dancer from the Philippines, joined SFDF in 2009. In less than a year, she has performed at the Esplanade Da:ns Festival 2009, Salsa Cruise Asia 2009, & has also been to China to teach & perform. In 2010 she was offered a full time dance instructor job in Singapore. She has since gone on to set up a dance studio in the Philippines and comes back periodically to upgrade her skills.

rachel Actfa DanceRACHEL an undergraduate in NTU joined the SFDF in 2010 and was offered to open a dance studio in China.  She has taught and performed in Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen, Hong Kong, Singapore.

 derrick actfa danceDERRICK has over 20 years of dance instructor experience with more than 30 types of dance. He was granted an exemption from SFDF after taking an examination & evaluation and signed up for the diploma & IHDC simultaneously.

tamil actfa danceTAMIL, a professional dancer & teacher actively involved in competitions & performances for Hip Hop, Bollywood, Indian Dance. He was teaching dance in secondary school and choreographing for SYF. He joined the IHDC program to further his training as a dancer & teacher in 2009.  Since joining the IHDC, he has taught, performed & competed in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan.

brenda actfa danceBRENDA joined the SFDF when she was 13 years old and was hired to teach and perform both locally and overseas after 6 months. She was also financing her own dance study while teaching private dance classes.  Under the SFDF, she was the 1st runner up in the Asia Salsa Championship 2010 and Singapore Bachata Champion 2009.  She was given opportunities to teach in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China.